How long is the tour?

  • Half Day 4 hours
  • Full Day 6 hours
  • Sunset 2 hours

How far do you go from Key West?

We try our best to customize your trip based on what you and your guest want to experience. We also take the tides and wind into consideration when choosing a destination.
  • Mudd Key - 8 Miles
  • Snipes Point - 10.25 Miles
  • Boca Grande - 16.5 Miles
  • Women Key - 15 Miles
  • Marvin - 12 Miles

Where does the sunset sail take us?

Unless there is a specific area you want to watch the sunset we go to the west of Sunset Key for the Sunset Itself.

What time are the tours?

9am, 1:30pm, and Sunset (times vary)
Although we have scheduled times listed, we are happy to adjust when possible.  Please cal us to discuss your specific needs. 

Can I book tours 7 days a week?


Can we take a service animal?

With prior consent.  

What kind of boat is it?

Bennington SX 23 Swingback Tri Toon.

How big is the boat?

Decks are 24’ 1”

What type of engine does the boat have?

Yamaha 150

Can we bring out own food and drinks?

Yes, your captain will have bottled water and you are welcome to bring along your own food and beverage. 

Are there life jackets for babies/kids?

Yes, we have life jackets for everyone. For children 7 and under who are required to wear life jackets while underway we would need to know the weight of each child at least 72 hours prior so we can ensure appropriate life jackets are available.

How many people fit on the boat?

You are allowed up to 6 guest on the boat.

How many sunsets are there per day?

Sadly, only 1.

Do you still run trips in the rain?

The boat is incredibly stable so we are happy to go out in slightly adverse conditions. There is no cover while underway.

Do we get to get in the water and swim?

Yes, how you spend your time while out on the water is up to you. Feel free to swim, snorkel, relax on the sandbar or sit on the boat in the shade.

Do you provide wet-suites?


Is there a place on the boat to get out of the sun?

Yes, while anchored the captain will put up the bimini for shade. Please bring appropriate sun protection for while you are in the water and underway.

What is your weather policy?

We will not take you out during unsafe weather conditions. The captain has the final say on if the trip will be cancelled, postponed or rescheduled.

What should I bring with me?

  • Bathing suit
  • Towel
  • Waterproof camera
  • Sunscreen or protective clothing
  • Any food or beverage that you choose

Ticket and Boarding Information:

Please arrive at the dock 30 minutes prior to departure. All trips leave the dock promptly at the scheduled time. You will be asked to provide a valid ID and ticket information at time of boarding.

Cancellation Policy:

All cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to your scheduled departure time. Any cancellations within the 24 prior window will be non-refundable. If a trip is cancelled by Aquaholics Charters for any reason your payment will be refunded in full.